Our Tech & Product Teams

Who are we and what are we doing at Joyn?


Get to know our Tech & Product Teams, responsible for Engineering, Product & User Experience (EPU)!





Backend consists of many sub-teams: The VoDP team, the AI team, the CMS team, the Streamer team and the Ads team.





Frontend consists of 4 teams: the Web team wants to provide a convincing onboarding experience and product discovery for mobile web users and mobile apps and the OTT team is responsible for playing Joyn on Smart TVs. The Android team implements all relevant features on all Android devices and platforms. The iOs team is building the Joyn apps for the iOS devices and platforms. All teams take pride in creating a best-in-class user experience for our users. We enable people to browse and watch the content they love on the all devices.





Delivery Leads, Agile Coaches and Scrum Masters at Joyn are responsible for creating an agile environment where the teams can deliver high quality and valuable software for our customers. Moreover we are also responsible for coordinating the agile planning, estimation and execution assigned to one or more teams.  We also take great pride in the health and well being of our development teams and are constantly striving to create a better work environment full of fun and productivity.



Data Specialist


As a Data Specialist Team we take care of our core Data, we provide structured data in tables, to be able to use and report on top of it. We create and maintain our company DWH, Ad recommendations, models for intelligent Ad loads and much more.



SRE, SecOps & Service Management


We are building and maintaining reliable products and services by providing standardization and automation. We are taking care of how the code is deployed, configured, monitored, as well as the availability, reliability, security, and incident process of services from production. We are also checking and enforcing security and compliance standards for our product and platform thus maintaining and enhancing our customers' trust. We work closely with the engineering teams to make our product more secure and reliable.



Inhouse IT


We are overseeing, managing and developing our office’s IT infrastructure; configuring and supporting related SaaS services. We are managing end-user equipment handling, procurement and maintenance and provide technical support

to our colleagues.




UX Design & Research


We ensure that Joyn meets customer needs and that we build a product people love.  We monitor product performance and market trends. We gain a rich understanding of users through qualitative and quantitative research. We ideate concepts to address user needs, create appealing designs and shape an intuitive and easy-to-use customer journey.  



Product Management


We define a vision and plan for the product. We prioritize features and formulate clear requirements

as well as goals, alongside a long-term roadmap.