Joyn Cares

Joyn Cares is an internal cross-functional initiative which was formed organically between a number of employees,

who at some point realized their shared interest in the topic of social responsibility.

The initiative contributes to Joyn by introducing the focus topics

diversity and sustainability to the company' culture and business.


The reason for this direction is to align the business strategy with social goals and

to support the sustainable development goals.


Together we habe been able to implement several initiatives and projects and

establish various structures within Joyn Cares.


Our Initiatives



Code of Conduct


Our Code of Conduct provides guidance as

how we want to interact with each other every day.


Read it here!



Corporate Charter of Diversity


Since August 2018 Joyn is an official signature of the diversity charter, supporting an appreciative and unbiased working environment.



Joyn Trusted Team


An elected group of people that offer a safe space for Joyn employees to share any cases of discrimination or harassment.



Inclusive Communication Committee



Goal of the committee is to create communication in which everyone of our users

and employees feels seen and reflected, whilst making sure to eliminate

offensive, triggering or stereotype reinforcing language and storytelling.

Some members of Joyn Cares & what they like about it



"Being part of Joyn Cares, a grassroots corporate responsibility initiative, enables me to help colleagues, users and the wider public alike. The variety of topics we cover is enchanting, reaching from food donation management to diversity topics."



"Being part of Joyn Cares is a great addition to my daily responsibilities in product management. Getting the chance to make the world a little bit better in big but also in small ways gibes me a lot of motivation for my work at Joyn."




"I love that I am able to do something good next to my tasks as a product manager by getting more sustainable in the office or also at home. But there are different topics we are covering within the Joyn Cares Team, where I also learn a lot and can make people aware of some important topics together with my colleagues."