Our Commercial Teams

Who are we and what are we doing at Joyn?


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Business & People Strategy


Human Resources


We see ourselves as strategic partners to the business in terms of human related questions and topics.

We would like to help all co-workers with their concerns, needs and support them in their own paths and developments.

We want to be a central point of contact for everyone. With passion and motivation we would like to contribute to moving the company forward.



Partnerships & Strategy


We regularly validate the market for relevant studies, trends and innovations in the tech-, streaming- and broadcast-environment. Our aim is to bring such insights to Joyn, sum up the most important events of our media environment, discuss business potentials and impact as well as derive solutions on why/how we can possibly use it.



Culture & People Development


As People & Organization Developers we are actively shaping Joyn's culture to serve our business strategy healthily and happily. In doing so, we hope to empower each and every employee and the organization itself to be the best versions of themselves.



Office Management


We are responsible for the office. We keep the office running, support other departments, send equipment to employees and support events and colleagues in all possible ways.




Content Acquisition & Original Production


We are responsible for all contents that our users can enjoy. We are responsible for the conception, creation & acquisition of new Originals Productions. We also act as an interface between external production companies and our departments to keep everyone updated about all relevant information regarding Joyn Originals.



Content Finance & Analytics


We are responsible for analyzing all available contents on Joyn, supporting the Content Acquisition & Original Production team with advice for future content investments, controlling all content financials. We are responsible for the overall reach planning at Joyn. We further ensure main stakeholders are aware of all growth and performance assumptions, as well as we coordinate different initiatives to hit our plan.



Content Operations


Content Operations ensures our content goes online. We check, correct and claim video files, metadata and images. If necessary, we create teaser sets together with Design. Together with the technology department, we are responsible for the onboarding of new partners and integrate them into the operational lifecycle.



Content Monetization & Partnerships


We are responsible for all kinds of monetization topics from a content perspective: From special ads and media sales,

brand partnerships and creative advertising like product placements and branded entertainment cooperations to content monetization in general and strategic business development. We are creating new media and brand partnerships,

taking existing partnerships to the next level,continuously expanding the business scale and defining new commercial business fields.


Consumer Business


Customer Relationship Management


We maximize the customer lifetime (value) of Joyn users and customers by addressing them with targeted information based on their individual usage pattern. For us, it is very important to increase customer satisfaction to keep our customers as happy (and active) as possible.



Customer Service


As Joyn’s Customer Service, we constantly feel our customers’ heartbeat. We accompany them throughout their lifecycle and help them manage their relationship with Joyn via the access channel of their choice, including Joyn Community, social media, email, chat and call.



Content Curation & Promotion


We are in charge of the data-driven in-product content promotion. So, everything you see on joyn.de

or in the apps is curated by us.


Business Intelligence


Business Intelligence & Operations


We support, enable, & challenge leaders & teams to ensure we incorporate learnings & work on the relevant topics as one team. We foster the exchange of relevant information between teams & leadership. We organize the goal-setting process & provide the teams with the relevant data & insights to define tangible goals. We prepare & facilitate all Senior Leadership meetings - the Business Review Meetings, Leadership Standups, & the Quarterly Alignment Meetings. We operate a reliable BI environment to translate business hypotheses & questions into data-driven analysis quickly. We brief leaders & teams when detecting opportunities or threats based on our data & coordinate the actions to tackle these issues.



Creation & Brand


We do the coordination and production of marketing campaigns. We create stills and video material (graphic- and motion design) as well as taking care of the brand and defining guidelines.



PR, Communications & Social Media


We are principally in charge of the internal and external communication such as press releases, interviews and speaker opportunities. In addition, the planning of events also lies within our department. We are also responsible for all the planning and management of social media channels. Cooperating with influencers/creators from our formats is also part of our work.





We are responsible for media planning of advertising on TV, billboard, print, radio and ambient/guerrilla campaigns. We regularly run advertising media tests to ensure that the advertising message and the general brand presence are convincing. For 360-degree marketing campaigns, we take over the campaign management and coordinate all relevant steps. In addition, we do monthly competitor analyses are responsible for the design of marketing landing pages and their performance optimization through A/B tests.


Online Marketing


We are responsible for promoting the Joyn brand and our content to connect with potential customers using the internet or other forms of digital communication. Our promotion channels include SEA, OTT, display, video ads, affiliate, native ads as well as app campaigns. We make sure that the right users are targeted with relevant ads at the right time and place. We align on creatives, select audiences and placements as well as report and analyze campaign results.



Partner Marketing


When we partner with other companies we gain access to new audiences and increased reach. And when two brands meet that’s when our job as partner marketing manager begins: we manage every marketing communication concerning partnerships. From creating pitches, hands-on campaign concepts to go-to-market strategies. We own the full life cycle of partner marketing projects from idea to execution. We develop and implement scalable co-marketing programs that drive views, subscriptions, boost user engagement and brand love through premium partnerships and promotions.




Legal & Data Protection


We are responsible for all contract-related topics and legal advice on a wide variety of contracts in contract and general civil law as well as in the media law environment. We also ensure compliance with laws, regulations and internal Joyn Guidelines. In general there is a lot of effective cooperation with the specialist departments in the structuring and negotiation of contracts. Furtherore we are the contact point for data protection issues and advise the departments on product design and partnerships.




Tax & Accounting


We are responsible for the auditing, invoicing, contract creation, credit card vouchers and booking processes. This includes incoming and outgoing invoices as well as the monthly calculations of accruals. Additionally we take care of all tax declarations and audits. Our goal is to enable a smooth and trouble-free course of business.




We are responsible for joyn business plan consolidation, reforecast and tracking over/under spendings. We help teams in any financial related questions.



Payment & Fraud


Our goal is to make all end customer related payment processes as easy and smooth as possible. We are looking for new payment opportunities and make sure that resulting open debs are minimized.





We take care of the communication with vendors, project timelines and reducing the price to your budget or even better. You can focus on your core tasks and we are making the rest. We also support you in legal or SLA topics.