The Joyn Code of Conduct

At Joyn we're a team that supports and respects


We encourage each other and care to reflect



On our behaviour and how we connect 


To ensure a safe space in every aspect



The following words, they describe what we see 


as the right things to follow, to commit and agree:


1. We treat others fairly and respect everyone.

Respecting each other means to accept and appreciate the people around us exactly for who they are. We do this by being open, considerate and welcoming to all those who are part of the Joyn environment. This means we treat everyone - internals, externals, peers or service partners - with the same respect.


2. We commit to inclusion.

Being inclusive means being aware of our diversity and our cultural richness. It also means that we actively contribute to an open and accessible environment. We do this by recognizing that everyone plays a part in this and commit to communicating and acting mindfully and inclusively. This starts with choosing the right language, asking instead of assuming, speaking up for each other and being each other's allies when needed. 


3. We approach different perspectives with a desire to learn.

Our desire to learn is reflected in the maturity, honesty and openness with which we approach different opinions and perspectives. We do this by recognizing the variety of individual experiences and differences and embrace those differences with respect and acceptance. Even in cases in which we strongly disagree, we vocalize our disagreements in a respectful and constructive manner and see it as an opportunity to learn and broaden our understanding. 


4. We are honest enough to fess up when we mess up.

Being transparent also means being able to reflect on our own actions and being sincere enough to commit to our mistakes. We value transparency and consider it as a strength to apologize when needed. We recognize that we’re not infallible, which is why we are willing to learn from such challenging situations. 


5. We appreciate what has been given to us & treat it with consideration.

Appreciation means to understand the worth and importance of the things which are available to us. We look after our resources and treat them sustainably. This shows in being conscious with our office equipment and surrounding and in treating it with the same consideration we would treat our personal resources with. 


6. We don’t accept any kind of discrimination or harassment. 

At Joyn we’re committed to creating an environment where people can interact comfortably and express themselves as who they are. While we recognize that diversity of thought and people may lead to different behaviours, we draw a clear line when it comes to discrimination or harassment of any kind. This explicitly means that we do not tolerate any offensive behavior which may relate to ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, age, national origin, disability or other protected statuses and/or identities. We encourage to share any observation or personal experience of such behaviour so that we can take action and preserve a company culture which is entirely free from any forms of discrimination.