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Office Information



Do I have to visit the office for the recruiting and hiring process?



Sometimes we do interviews onsite. If you like to meet us in person please let us know. After you are hired, the equipment can be either picked up at the office for can also be shipped to your address.

When will I get an answer to my application?


We try to review every application and give you the fist feedback in less than 5 days. All further steps need individual time.

Can you name your weaknesses and strengths?


We do not use this old fashioned question. Every person has strengths and weaknesses and that is what makes everyone individual.

Explain the most important tasks you are looking for!


Share what you expect from your further position. The more you share, the better we understand what you are looking for.

Do I have to come to the office for work?


We encourage home office whenever you need it. Teams may agree on fixed office days, but this will be determined individually with your colleagues.

How many vacation days do I have at Joyn?


Every full-time employee has 30 paid vacation days, additional to company vacation on the 24th and 31st of december.