Our Values

At Joyn we are living a working culture which is based on five values.

These values were worked out in a company wide workshop,

every member of the Joyn Family was welcome to participate in. 


Collaborate with Joy(n)

  • We enjoy the journey together, both the ups and downs
  • We bring positivity and put our egos aside
  • We take ownership and succeed as a team



Embrace the Challenge

  • We bravely take risks even if it means to fall
  • We learn and adapt quickly
  • We continuously strive for improvement
  • We create excitement by taking bold actions



Dare to be You

  • We create an environment that encourages you to be your true authentic self
  • We are empathetic and embrace our differences
  • We truly value the individual perspective and do not put labels on people
  • We create excitement by taking bold actions



Make an Impact

  • We create outcomes instead of just output
  • We center our thinking around the user
  • We think holistically having the bigger picture in mind
  • We act pragmatically and solution oriented




Love what you do

  • Wir take pride in what and how we do it
  • We are passionate even if times get tough


Our Leadership Principles

Our leaders translated all five values into Leadership Principles, which guide them in their everyday behavior.

Collaborate with Joyn

  • We proactively and openly communicate relevant information (good or bad)
  • We appreciate other opinions and provide constructive feedback
  • We build bridges for strong collaboration and do not accept silos


Embrace the challenge

  • We encourage teams to take bold decisions
  • We let teams shine if they succeed and back them up if they fail


Dare to be you

  • We foster an environment where everyone can bring in their talents best
  • We create a safe space where every employee is heard


Make an impact

  • We set clear targets and provide guidance on how teams contribute
  • We coach and support teams to become better every day


Love what you do

  • We inspire people with our positive mindset
  • We care about people and help them grow