This is how the decision process works at Joyn.

What to expect

How long will it take until the final decision is made?


This totally depends on your and the hiring manager's availability. We are giving our best to give feedback in about 2 days after your last interview, but we ultimately prefer well-considered decisions over speed.




How about the compensation?


At Joyn we offer a competitive compensation package. Salary expectations can (and probably will) be communicated in the interviews, whether it is from your side or our side and in most cases we are open for discussions on that. 




Is there a need or possibility for relocation?


Joyn is an international company with people from 36 nationalities and wants to maintain and extend this multicultural work environment. Therefore the necessity of relocation can be discussed in your interview and we will see if a case-specific solution is relevant.




Do I have to move to Germany to work for Joyn or can I stay in my home country?


In general we have the possibility to employ people outside of Germany. We check every case individually. Please add this information to your application.