As our company benefits from every single employee, we want all the employees to benefit from working at Joyn.


According to the motto: "Money isn't everything after all", we offer our employees corporate benefits in addition to general remuneration. Joyn's aim is to offer our employees added value that competitors don't have. 


We want our employees top be satisfied and feel comfortable in the company, feel appreciation

and benefit from our employee offers to increase the feel-good factor at Joyn.



Leave Entitlement


In addition to 30 vacation days per year (for full-time employees) we are happy to grant 1-2 special leave days for events like marriage or birth of children. The Flextime working model allow everyone to reconcile work and life. 24th and 31st of December are both free vacation days for the whole company.




Financial Entitlement


Besides child care support, capital forming support and pension plan support we offer access to the platform "Corporate Benefits", which provides discounts to a variety of the best product and services.



Working Abroad


Working underneath the palms or next to the ski slope? Combine vacation with remote working at Joyn. Work from many EU countries and enjoy the best work-life balance you can probably have.


Watch some of our employees working abroad impressions!




Entertainment Benefits


In line with our mission, entertainment goes hand in hand with working at Joyn. Therefore the Joyn PLUS+ subscription is free for all employees.




Learning & Development


We aim in supporting you as an individual person where we can. This includes offering different Learning & Development or language courses.



Health & Office Benefits


As we want our employees to feel the best at work and in general, we offer different health supporting activities like a subsidized Urban Sports Club Membership or free afterwork sports courses at the office. We also provide free drinks, healthy snacks and a smoothie bar at the office to make your workday as pleasant as possible.