This is how the application process works at Joyn.


What documents are needed for a successful application?


We love to see CVs or resumes as this gives us a better sense of your story, education, previous career and personality. If you would like to tell us more about yourself and why you are applying, feel free to send a motivation letter.




What can I do that my application stands out?


Check out the different job descriptions and requirements and apply for the role you are truly interested in and can identify with. Let us know, why you are interested in it and joining the Joyn-Team. Feel free to include individual non work-related information to your fancy CV or give your motivation letter a personal touch. We are curious to get to know you as a person!




I know somebody at Joyn. Can they refer me?


Of course Joyners can refer you for open positions, that you are interested in. Make sure to mention their name in written form with your first application, f.e. as part of your motivation letter. You can also ask them to hand in your application documents at the HR team and tell them which role you are interested in.




When will I get an answer to my application?


We review every application and try to give you the first feedback in less than 5 days. All further steps need individual time.




Is there any way to check the status of my application?


We cannot give you updates on your application but we are doing our best to answer you as soon as possible, regardless of the outcome. Every application will be reviewed and answered.